San Francisco Twin Peaks

Leaving on a jet plane & SF Twin Peaks

We landed in San Francisco right on schedule at 10:30am PST in the morning. The flight was uneventful with almost no turbulence, which made me a very happy (albeit tired) flier. The transit system in San Francisco is pretty easy to navigate with two main types of transportation – the BART and the MUNI. Hannah and I had rented a place in the Inner Sunset area of San Francisco, and both were required for us to get to our AirBNB accommodations. I would compare the BART system to Toronto’s Go Train service, and their MUNI like our TTC.

We found a BART ticket machine and eavesdropped on another local helping our tourist neighbour buy her ticket. With my superhero listening skills fully functional, we immediately became experts at buying tickets from the BART. As a funny side note, I was actually stopped later on during our trip and asked if I could assist in buying a train ticket – I’d like to think I look something like an SF local! 🙂 Once we got off the MUNI bus, we walked half a block to get to our BNB. Luckily for us, blocks in SF are extremely close together and nothing like what you see in NYC. A doorbell later with no answer had us walking another two blocks to the nearest Starbucks seeking washrooms and some free WiFi. The nice thing about traveling in the States is that you’re almost guaranteed to find a Starbucks within walking distance in any major city.

Our hosts promptly responded our cries for help through the AirBNB messaging system – apparently they had not heard the doorbell ring – and gave us the combination for the lock that contained our house & room keys. We climbed a monstrous two flights of stairs (in our defense, we were carrying two heavy overweight bags!) and was met with a friendly, young woman who gave us a tour of her home and our room. The hum of alarm bells coming from using AirBNB decreased a bit more once I met the host and saw the space in person. We could do this.

After picking up groceries and having a much needed lunch, our host was gracious enough to call us an Uber Pool to drive us to our first destination – the Twin Peaks. Uber is extremely popular to use in San Francisco, and all drivers have an Uber logo/sign on their front and back windows. I thought this was a nifty idea, and should really be adopted over here in Toronto for obvious safety and visibility concerns.

I’d say the Twin Peaks is right in the center of the city and gives a beautiful 360º view of San Francisco. There are a couple of steep hills with stairs you can climb to reach the very top, though you should be careful not to get blown away. We had blue skies and the sun was shining, but the wind made it just a little cold. A couple of hours at the top, and Hannah and I were chilled to the bone. We stayed until the sun set and hurried back to our AirBNB to have a hot dinner and called it an early night.


All personal photos – KW


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